Jasmine and the Whale

‘Play with me’, the whale suggested as he circled the girl closer and closer. How do you play with a creature 400 times your diminutive frame? ‘Play with me’, the whale intoned with a soundless expression and an oh so gentle nudge. How do you not panic, how do you trust being pushed through the […]

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Tag Me

‘Tag me if you can!’, a school yard taunt remembered from long ago. Yet here we are again playing that game of dare, chase and tag on a scale un-imagined from a landlocked childhood. Who would have thought we would encounter Humpback whales both adept and eager to play our boyhood game. We’d swim away […]

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Just Check’n You Out

Sometimes I wonder just who was checking out who! No sooner had we arrived here and two large humpback whales appeared about 100m away. As soon as we realised they were heading straight for our boat there was a mad scramble for masks, fins and cameras. They came closer; 50m, 25m, 10m and then the […]

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