Seduced by a Dragon

No matter how many times I make the trip down to Rapid Bay Jetty, gear up and head out I never take for granted the joy of finding a dragon. If and when I find one I experience a curious mix of excitement, of gratitude, of humility, of privilege, of wonder and of complete captivation. […]

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When is a fish not a fish? When Lucy Dugan wrote about ‘fish’ she described a dad’s affection for his daughter as ‘the catch of the day’. When Nicole Mickle brought her ‘fish’ into life like bronze relief the expression was just as obscure. So here she is, a little ‘fish’ at the head of […]

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Love Takes All Forms

There is no doubt at all in my mind that there is more here than the instinctual caring for a newborn child. I watched her for a time and was enchanted by the way she nudged and guided and snuggled and swam with her beautiful baby. In those privileged moments I fell in love with […]

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Many of our encounters with these beautiful creatures were very fleeting. Despite their size humpback whales are very fast and very agile when they want to be. It is often quite deceptive just how fast they really are moving. This young male, like many others was not interested in spending time lolling on the surface […]

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Scratch My Belly

Like a puppy dog he rolled over and over with joyful abandon. You could almost feel the whale speak, ‘scratch my belly’. There was absolutely no doubt that he loved our attention and we all loved his even if it was a little scary and intimidating at times. Our experience with George off the island […]

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