Downside Up

Downside upside downside up …. It’s quite irrelevant to a whale’s watery realm. Meeting George this year in Vava’u, Tonga, was one of the most extraordinary moments of my life and has set things in motion I could never have envisioned. I have already written about George and my first encounter with him in an […]

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Good Things Come In Threes

Or fours, or fives, or … in fact this year has been the most extraordinary adventure for me. I clearly remember these three male humpback whales during my recent visit to Tonga. They were showoffs! How they came close enough to say ‘look at us’ but stayed far enough away to remain aloof. They played […]

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The French Cat

I’ve recognised that famous Lion logo since before I can remember, well before I knew what it meant. Somewhere in my history though that logo become a name and that name became a nation’s automotive pride, Peugeot. Growing up in Australia meant being steeped in Australian car culture where you either lived, fought defended or […]

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