Day 697, Ocean’s Eleven

We all like to see symmetry in nature. Animals balanced from left to right are common place but most curious of all are animals structured as a prime numbers.

Whether we realise it or not prime number configurations are common in plants and we see them everyday so they just seem normal. Primes in the animal kingdom however just seem wrong and especially so when that number is eleven.

The eleven-armed sea star, Coscinasterias muricata, is our largest starfish and very common on most shallow reefs of southern Australia. It’s our Oceans’ Eleven!

This sea star is out to lunch, literally and is currently feeding on a group of commensurate fan worms in about 17m of water in the Port Noarlunga Gap

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 697, Ocean’s Eleven’, 1/200 f/6.3 ISO160 15mm

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