Puckering Up

The last time I saw one of these critters was also on a post midnight night dive under Edithburgh Jetty a few months ago.

This time however the conditions were a little more inviting without the 15knot onshore winds. As always there was plenty to see and make the effort worthwhile.

Nudibranchs, also known as seaslugs, are fun to search out and photograph. They make ideal subjects (once found) as they tend to move quite slowly as they go about foraging for food.

This guys is called Doriopsilla carneola and it’s not really glowing in the dark. As it has lifted up its front some light has hit its underside resulting in the luminous glow.

I like this image as the unusual pose has created the impression of a big pair of orange lips puckering for a kiss.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Puckering Up’ 1/100s f/14 ISO320 100mm

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