I called this image ‘Reception’ for no other reason than it is the main reception entry to Mount Lofty House where a few of us spent a very pleasant afternoon with local photographer Hilary Hann sharing insights into her images, her travels and her thoughts on the ‘art’ of photography.

I first noticed Hilary’s work a couple of years ago and while not a big fan of wildlife photography, her images moved me with an other-worldliness feel. As if raised from the mundane to some mythical status it was easy to imagine I was looking at a landscape lost in time, remembered as something precious and perhaps even lost. In her work I felt feelings of awe, admiration, wonder and even loss and grief.

Hilary’s work can be found at her website but nothing beats a real printed and framed image.

At the end of the afternoon I did what any self respecting photographer enthusiast would do… click

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Reception’ 2s f/8 ISO160 15mm

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