Towards The Light

I may be looking up towards the light but that’s of no use when it comes to lighting the way. I bring my own.

Conditions at Rapid Bay were sensational yet again with more schooling behavior under the ‘Tee’ than I have seen for a very long time.

As I arrive at the site I pulled up next a group of very happy divers who were laughing, whooping and exclaiming how exciting it was finally become certified open water divers.
I did not realise it then but later as I swam though forests of schooling scad, marveled at the visibility and was captivated by the dappled sunlight on the sand I realised just how special a dive those brand new divers just experienced.

I hope the conditions did not spoil them as South Australian diving ranges from sublime to ugly depending on the day.

This one was particularly good!

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Towards The Light’ 1/40s f/8 ISO160 15mm

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