Saint Patrick’s Bridge, Cork, Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Bridge, Cork, Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Bridge across the River Lee with the imposing Cork English College behind, Saint Anne’s Church and Shandon Bells Tower to the left and Saint Mary and Saint Anne’s Cathedral to the middle left, is such a clichéd image of the city of Cork, Ireland that I’m sure I could have saved myself the bother and purchased postcard instead.

Actually I did not plan for or go out of my way to get this image. I simply ended up on a rooftop carpark, the family had gone shopping and I just happened to have my camera.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Saint Patrick’s Bridge, Cork, Ireland’, 1/125s f/4 ISO400 50mm

One thought on “Saint Patrick’s Bridge, Cork, Ireland

  1. No need to apologise Robert. I’ve never been there or seen it before, and without this I probably never would have.

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