Schloss Grub

Grub Castle can be seen across the water from the Austrian village of Hallstat on the eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt.

This privately owned residence is immaculate and as such it is hard to imagine this fairy story castle has a 500 year history with humble beginnings as a simple farmhouse.

In the intervening years the castle has seen many owners who have remodeled the estate to suit their tastes and style of the time. In the late 1800s the castle came to be owned by the Ambassador of the Russian Czar Alexander II. During this time the castle was redesigned to the romantic appearance which has remained to this day.

It’s easy to imagine a place like this in a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie full of international intrigue, high stakes deals and lavish lifestyles.

I’m guessing at least that the lavish lifestyle part is true though I wonder if the owners really have the time to appreciate their extraordinary home.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Schloss Grub’, 1/500s f/4.5 ISO160 200mm

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