Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror on the ocean floor, who is the cutest one of all?

Whether admiring its cuteness, looking for a mate or just checking that nothing is out of place before a big date, this Magic Mirror seems most welcome.

It’s usually not nice to see junk thrown into the ocean. Plastic bags, damaged fishing gear and discarded packaging are a real threat to marine life as well as being a blight on and below the water.

Some junk however is quite welcome. Building rubble turned into reefy structures, scuttled ships into mini ecosystems, glass bottles into octopus homes with a view. Even mirrors seem to be put to good use!!

So who is the cutest one of all? Under the sea this Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket (Brachaluteres jacksonianus) is a fair contender.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Magic Mirror’, 1/200s f/13 ISO320 50mm

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