It’s a Rush

It’s like playing dare with the ocean.

I watch for a while. Some surges rush by, water pushing and swirling past ankles and splashing my knees.

Other incoming waves stack up full of pent-up fury before consuming themselves in the retreating backwash and leaving the sand wet and bare.

I place my bet, position my tripod in the retreating backwash and set off the timer.

Three, two, one, eek (not the word I actually used), grab tripod and lift it all clear as a huge rush of water catches me by surprise drenching my shorts and nearly toppling me over.

Clean the splashes of salty water from the lens then try again, again, three, two, one, …

Sure, I like to capture a dramatic moment but I can’t deny I like the rush.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘It’s a Rush, 1/5s f/14 ISO100 15mm

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