Privileged Vantage

A view sought after by many visitors to Uluru who then encounter the ethical dilemma which follows, climb and fulfill a lifelong dream or respect the wishes of the traditional owners and stay off the rock.

In 1985 the Australian government gave title back to the traditional owners of the region and negotiated a 99 year lease allowing them to continue developing the the area for both its tourism and cultural importance.

Most Australians will have at least considered their decision to climb or respect this incredible sight from the ground before making the effort to travel here. Nearly all international visitors will only become aware of this when they are reading the sign at the beginning of the climb having just traveled tens of thousands of kilometers.

This international visitor chose to fulfill his lifelong dream and gaze out from a very privileged vantage.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Privileged Vantage’, 1/250s f/13 ISO100 15mm

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