Ringed Tailed Dragon

For the most part the critters we encountered at Uluru and Kings Canyon were timid and did not easily allow themselves to be photographed.

This Ring-tailed Dragon (Ctenophorus caudicinctus) at the start of the Kings Canyon rim walk was one notable exception.

He was happy to sit here on this rock watching just meters from the walkers passing along the trail, most of whom did not even notice him there.

Only when I started crawling up to him on my belly did other passers by take notice. I’d swear the expression on that dragon’s face was amusement at a human on his level.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Ringed Tailed Dragon’, 1/100s f/8 ISO100 200mm

One thought on “Ringed Tailed Dragon

  1. Great photos Robert! I was drawn here by a like of your recent dusk Leafy Sea-dragons – beautiful 🙂
    I think you’ll find this is Ctenophorus nuchalis (formerly Ctenophorus inermis) Central Netted Dragon not Ring-tailed (C. caudicinctus).

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