Veins of Life

These intricate structures carved into Petermann Pound in the Watarrka National Park carry the lifeblood of the Australian outback, water.

It had been a week since the rains and still some water remains in pools and some has been taken into the earth to nurture the trees of the pound.
Most however has been collected into Petermann Creek before finding its way into the Finke River and eventually the South Australian border hundreds of kilometers to the south east.

From up here these desert waterways could indeed be the veins of some mythical dream-time creature giving life to this arid part of the Australian outback.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Veins of Life’, 1/1000s f/5 ISO100 17mm

One thought on “Veins of Life

  1. just like the google maps images i frequently scan and zoom into wow what a perspective of colour and water movement so fascinating cheers

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