Outback Apocalypse

There is a huge debate debate in Australia in regards to the storage of radioactive waste.

As the world grapples with the problems of dealing with the waste of nuclear power stations, science and the use of radioactive materials in medicine some governments are looking at Australia’s vast barren unpopulated outback regions as a possible dumping ground. Unfortunately some people in our government are seeing only the commercial opportunity and are lobbying their cause.

The arguments for dumping nuclear waste here are strong. The arguments against dumping are strong. Yes we have vast regions which are unpopulated, dry and geologically stable but if you ever get to visit these places you will find they have life and beauty all of their own.

Perhaps the real problem here, the creation of waste is the one which should be tackled rather than sweeping it under the rug or into the outback.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Outback Apocalypse’, 1/8s f/18 ISO250 15mm

3 thoughts on “Outback Apocalypse

  1. What a spectacular photograph. Beautiful. And I concur with your thoughts

  2. Low level radioactive waste has to go somewhere – Australia is a prime contender on several counts, including political stability. Too any NIMBY’s I’m afraid…

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