To Capture That Which Can’t be Captured

Down in that valley far, far below hidden amidst the unlikely combination of eucalyptus trees and ancient cycad palms is Kings Creek.

From up here the sense of scale is all but gone, the grandeur becoming abstract with the world below looking like some artisan’s crafted landscape garden.

From down there looking back up at the red walls of Kings Canyon the scale is both stunning and overwhelming.

To appreciate a place like this just a little you need many perspectives. To really appreciate it you need time, as much time as you can give it and a willingness to let it seep into you.

I took so many images here and they all pale against my memory. Instead I have chosen some drama with Roman completely unaware where he was standing as tries to capture his own memories and feelings.

Kings Canyon is a place I will definitely come back to spend time without trying to capture what simply can’t be captured in a camera.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘To Capture That Which Can’t be Captured’, 1/5000s f/8 ISO160 15mm

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