A Bending of Wills

This small tree meagering an existence on the parched skyline of Kings Canyon is living a struggle which makes most of our lives look like that of pampered royalty.

If we tried to live naked in such an inhospitable but oh so beautifully place I am sure that stark beauty would be lost in self consuming misery.

Perhaps there is a message here in the will to live of a small bent tree that just might be worth noticing.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘A Bending of Wills’, 1/640s f/18 ISO160 15mm

One thought on “A Bending of Wills

  1. We count ourselves fortunate to have stayed at King’s Canyon during the 1967 September school holidays when we were the only, repeat only, visitors there. Revisited it in 2014…chokkers.

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