Coming Home

If you were thinking I’m referring to Adelaide you’d be forgiven but if you really know Adelaide you might just be able to work out a few things.

Just because an image is out of focus does not have to mean the details yield no clues.

The title suggest travel, the forms suggest a couple rolling carry on luggage. Air travel perhaps?

If you are familiar with Adelaide airport then try and imagine walking through it with translucent glasses and trying to match any other lights, colours or textures. You wont.

If you know me you could guess at one of three different places in the world and the title might still make sense.

Are the couple walking towards me or away from me or maybe it’s even a selfie?

Why are there no forms suggesting other people?

So have I succeeded in making a blurred image interesting and left you asking questions?

… good.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Coming Home’, 1/60s f/2 ISO640 50mm

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