Ménage à Trois

We followed these three humpback whales on the surface for a while as they played their own games, indifferent to our attempts to get their attention.

On one particular drop the three dived in unison and came to rest around 20m below the surface where for a while they remained in this beautiful group cuddle, gently sliding their massive bodies across one another.

Finally they split out from this loving embrace to glide gently back to the surface again.

Behavior like this is a beautiful reminder just how social humpback whales can be and if I can be so bold to suggest, affectionate and loving.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Ménage à Trois’, 1/160s f/6.3 ISO320 15mm

4 thoughts on “Ménage à Trois

  1. What a glorious image! You must’ve been so chuffed to have been in a position to capture it!

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