Swallows Cave

When ever I come across a cave, be it on the side of a cliff, deep in the ocean or perhaps somewhere right in the middle of those two worlds I wonder, ‘what lives in there?’ and feel an urgent need to explore.

Swallows Cave, on the Island of Kapa, Vava’u, did not disappoint my curiosity.

We had come to the end of our fist day on the water and we were all tired of getting in and out of the water over and over and over again.

Yes it was exciting to see so many humpback whales for the very first time. The first fleeting glimpse of diving flukes in the water were just as thrilling as our skipper dropped us into the oncoming path of a pair of large males.

But all day long it was the same; drop in, catch a glimpse, get back in the boat and and repeat.

Entering the cave were greeted by a glittering school of baitfish. Like some organic thermoclyne they held their position in that upper layers until the very last moment, gently parting to make way as we swam through.

The water was still and clear, the dappled diffuse light gentle and we experienced a serenity which washed away the jagged edges of a frantic day.

We never did come back to Swallows Cave after that first day but I’m glad we got to visit and swim here.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Swallows Cave’ 1/500s f/3.2 ISO1600 15mm

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