Coral Planet

If I talk about coral gardens there are three ways the conversation might go.

The first, that corals are in the ocean and so you must find them everywhere.

The second, that corals are in the tropical oceans and so you only get to see them in exotic locations.

The third comes from an understanding that corals are part of all ocean eco-systems and indeed you do find them everywhere.

I love the irony, that the first and last ideas are so similar and so right while a little bit of knowledge completely compromises the reality.

This beautiful coral head just happens to be in the warm waters off a secluded northern beach on the island of Vava’u. We spent an afternoon here in the sun and in the ocean winding down, away from the boats and the people.

While snorkeling I noticed many coral heads were almost perfectly round reminding me of planets in a sky of sand, rock and water. My mission became one to find the most perfectly rounded planet and capture its image.

Yes we have corals here back home in South Australia as there are everywhere but nothing like the coral planets of Vava’u.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Coral Planet’ 1/400s f/7.1 ISO160 15mm

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