Into The Blue

There is a blue out there in the open ocean that can’t be described. When that black water is filled with a luminous glow, the bright sunlight reflected by millions and millions of tiny particles suspended.

That blue glow, softly caressing, beguiling, comforting me, encouraging me to follow, down and down and down to follow these gentle beasts as they dive.

The ache in my lungs forgotten, the pressure in my ears ignored, that gentle blue glow, that hypnotic blue glow, like a siren’s song begs me follow as the gentle beasts descent below.

Softy at first, then louder and louder like Cloister Bells in the halls of Gallifrey a warning sounds. This beautiful blue place is not all it seems having drawn me down here to a depth I should not be.

I look up but all that I see is that gentle blue glow, every direction that gentle blue glow and those warning bells louder and louder.

The enchantment broken, the whales now gone, alone in this luminous blue I start the long swim back to the surface again.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Into The Blue’ 1/320s f/7.1 ISO160 15mm

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