One Million Dollars

Australia has a bit of a reputation for having some of the ‘Largest’ things in the world.

Often these are kitsch representations of some local industry or icon like ‘The Big Pineapple’ or ‘The Giant Koala; you get the idea.

When I was told I was about to see the worlds largest coin (legal tender) in the Perth Mint I was not expecting what I was about to see.

One thousand kilograms of 99.99% pure gold crafted into a single legal tender coin with a face value of one million dollars and a true gold value well over $54,000,000.

I considered for a moment if there was a way I might roll it out of there but suspect its shear weight is all the theft protection it needs.

Australia might have a lot of kitsch ‘Big’ things but this coin is not one of them.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘One Million Dollars’ 1/80s f/1.4 ISO2500 50mm

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