The End of a Wicked Camper

It’s a long, long drive between Adelaide and Alice Springs and hundreds of kilometers of perfectly good road can become treacherous when you travel too far and for too long in one sitting.

When we first came across this wrecked Wicked Camper van somewhere near Coober Pedy my heart was in my mouth for fear we had stumbled on something horrible.

From the road we could see the brightly coloured van amid a trail of debris and from here there were no clues if this had just happened or it had been here a while.

Soon it became evident this wreck had been here for some time though I could not help but feel for the occupants, hope that no one was badly hurt and that somehow they resumed what should have been an amazing Australian adventure.

We had indeed stumbled on something horrible. Our distress however pales into insignificance compared to what had happened in those few desperate moments no one ever wants to experience.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘The End of a Wicked Camper’ 1/250s f/8 ISO100 15mm

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