Mooning Out on the Hype

There was an amazing amount of media hype leading up to last night’s Supermoon.

From out of nowhere came hundreds of experts espousing facts and figures.

There was talk of the best vantage locations, there were strong suggestions that you just can’t miss it, the likes of which will not been seen again for another … years!

Then out of the woodwork came the wet blankets calling us all sheep for being led by the hype to stand out in the cold evening to see this ‘amazing’ Supermoon for ourselves.

I’m no fan of over-the-top hype but in this case I think it was fantastic how so many people took notice, took the time and took photographs last night.

Our moon is one of the most beautiful objects in the night’s sky regardless of its phase or size and if takes a heap of Supermoon hype to draw attention to it, that can only be a good thing.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Mooning Out on the Hype’ 1/200s f/9 ISO160 300mm

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