The Aussie Pub in the Scrub

We spotted the Logan Pub on our way from St Arnaud to the Wehla Conservation Reserve and I made the mental note, ‘I must photograph this pub on our way back’.

The sun was low and the light had that soft afternoon glow when we headed back to town and there it was again, the ‘Aussie Pub in the Scrub’.

What was supposed to be a five minute break in our trip to capture some images turned into an unplanned session in the bar.

We met some interesting locals and a not so local a roving shearer from Glen Rowan with his own story to tell.

Reluctantly we had to leave before we would have liked but will keep fond memories of quirky locals, life-rich characters and the charm of a quaint little pub on its own in the middle of Central Victorian nowhere!!

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘The Aussie Pub in the Scrub’ 1/320s f/11 ISO100 15mm

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