The French Cat

I’ve recognised that famous Lion logo since before I can remember, well before I knew what it meant.

Somewhere in my history though that logo become a name and that name became a nation’s automotive pride, Peugeot.

Growing up in Australia meant being steeped in Australian car culture where you either lived, fought defended or died in the Holden tribe, or in the Ford tribe and your tribe was almost always the one that you parents came from.

There were of course other car manufacturers out there but they belonged to ‘other’ people.

It did not take me long though to realise just how parochial this attitude was, learning about the great car manufacturers from all over the world.

The french cat however eluded my attention for years hiding in plain sight, stalking me and waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Now that I have finally noticed, I’ll be spending a little more effort discovering Peugeot’s French heritage from humble beginnings over 200 years ago.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘The French Cat’ 1/4000s f/7.1 ISO1000 200mm

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