Lost At Sea

The title of this image might just a seem little strange. What in this image might be lost?

There is always a story lurking in any image. Sometimes obvious, other times it’s a case of ‘you had to be there’.

Despite the drama of a stormy Henley Beach sky, angry clouds and a threatening thunderstorm; as it turns out this story is far more human and personal.

A couple stands on the foreshore looking out in anticipation. About fifty meters out in chest deep water a dark figure is wading, probing the sand beneath his feet and searching.

We watched this man for more than an hour as he scanned the sea floor using an underwater metal detector searching for some lost treasure dear to the couple looking on.

In the end the darkness won the night and he abandoned his search. Perhaps he will try again tomorrow.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Lost At Sea’ 0.3s f/9 ISO160 9mm

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