Love Apple

Love Apple

A love apple for Valentines day?

We can thank the South American Aztecs for these red beauties but you really might not like to delve deeper into the story or myth behind the ‘love apple’. I dare you to do your own Googling!

Suffice to say, this gorgeous red fruit originally had nothing going for it on the romance front.

Now though there are rumors of aphrodisiac qualities.
There are associations mandrake, with deadly nightshade and sexual rituals.
And perhaps unsurprisingly it was the French who gave them the name ‘pommes d’amour’.

So forget the red Valentines’ Day roses at $$$ per stem. Love apples abound in every grocery store, are far more practical and just maybe that aphrodisiac rumor is true after all.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Love Apple’, 1/30s f/10 ISO800 100mm

One thought on “Love Apple

  1. One guess is that it is a corruption of Italian pomo de’Mori or Spanish pome dei Moro, literally “Moorish apple.”
    preferably home grown 🙂 but alas I have no valentine 🙁

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