A Penfolds Sunset

When I see an amazing setting sun sky unfolding in the western sky I immediately think of the our beautiful coastline and the ocean beyond.

How fortunate we were today to be elsewhere this evening!

Following a beautiful day with my family we spontaneously decided to visit Penfolds Magill Estate nestled in the Adelaide foothills for some cheese, wine and a view of the Adelaide plains below.

This was my first visit to what might be called the shrine of ‘Grange Hermitage’, Australia most famous wine. It was quite something seeing on display a full collection of Grange from its first clandestine 1951 vintage though to 2012.

Then as we were about to leave the sky lit up a fiery yellow and orange as the sun dipped into the vineyard.

How fortunate were we to be somewhere else this evening?

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘A Penfolds Sunset’, 1/500s f/5 ISO160 200mm

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