366 Days of 2012, Day 28 – Cloudburst

Today we enjoyed a leisurely coffee at one of our favorite beach side cafes. The beach was buzzing with surf lifesaving competitions, with swimmers and sun-bathers and all manner of people enjoying the sand, the sunshine and the fresh ocean breeze. As we watched the world go by we became enthralled by an amazing show of shifting, roiling, exploding cumulonimbus storm clouds all around us.

I started taking shots of the dramatic and unfolding shapes above and soon realised the although the best detail could be seen in the clouds almost looking into the sun the camera lens was badly fraught with sun flare. Then the sun ducked behind some clouds for a moment and I captured this image as it was just about to re-emerge.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 28 – Cloudburst’. 1/8000 sec at 70mm f/4.0, ISO 100

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