366 Days of 2012, Day 57 – Life’s a Beach

So close and yet so far away. A mere 15 minute walk down the road is all it takes to be at the beach and to enjoy the sand, the salt water and the sea air. So why then does it seem so far away and requires a special effort just to be down there!

I think the answer lies in the fact that it is so close and we see it all the time going about our lives. It’s no longer important to make the effort to go to and spend time at the beach because it’s too easy now.

I grew up in a country town far from the coast. The beach to me was a magical place and as a family we visited the coastal retreat of Port Parham twice a year, at Christmas and at Easter. They were wonderful times full of discovery, new friendships and family bonding. I look back at those times with a fondness hard to describe.

Many years later we now live so close to the sea in comparison and have so easy access that the once significant and epic adventure has been replaced by a casual taken for granted resource.

This image reminds me of how important it is to never lose sight of the beautiful places and experiences I have at my fingertips, to never take what is in my life for granted, to be grateful for all I have and most importantly to get out there and enjoy it all.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘366 Days of 2012, Day 57 – Life’s a Beach’. 1/2000 sec at 70mm f/4.0, ISO 100

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