366 Days of 2012, Day 58 – Eye to Eye

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul but when I look closely I just see myself!

There may indeed be some existential meaning to my observation but really the effect is quite ordinarily a simple reflection.

There are however some strange effects in this image of Jennifer’s eye that I can’t quite fathom. For example why is it that some of Jennifer’s iris appears in focus in front of the reflection from the flash while the bulk is soft and behind? Also why is the virtual image of my reflection in focus but appears to come from inside the lens beyond the focal plane of the rest of the image.

I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually but for now I just think it’s a cool image.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘366 Days of 2012, Day 58 – Eye to Eye’. 1/200 sec at 200mm f/10, ISO 400 + diffused strobe

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