Golden Algae

A sliver of yellow algae wrests in the broken shells of a gritty Henley Beach.

With winter now here our beaches will be scored of their summer sand revealing the shellgrit below.

The carpet of broken shells makes for interesting images but it not so kind on bare feet.

I don’t mind at all when it makes for sunsets like this.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Golden Algae’, 1/3.2s f/20 ISO640 14mm

One thought on “Golden Algae

  1. Absolutely glorious – from your Last Days of Autumn to this, you capture the gradual loss of colour as we move towards the colder months – I find it fascinating watching the fashions on people so often following suit – only to brighten up again in Spring. No wonder Australians are such sun loving people… outstanding as always – love B

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