On AVCon’s opening night the performers danced us the story of ‘Ayvee and Switch’.

In this scene Ayvee, performed by Alice Willamsen, spins a gift of silk cloth for her rescuer Switch.

Ayvee, in the form of a beautiful magical crane been caught in a trap set by the people of Switch’s village.

Despite the famine and hardship the village had endured Switch was so filled with compassion he chose to release the crane rather than bring it back to his village.

In her gratitude Ayvee spins fine silk cloth from her feathers which the villagers then sell to buy the food they need.

It was a delightful story and wonderful prelude to AVCon 2017.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Ayvee’, 1/500s f/2.8 ISO2000 200mm

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