Power Point

Driving home one foggy evening recently I was amazed how all around me the steam and smoke rising from the myriad of factories in and around Port Adelaide seemed to just fill a low horizontal plane across the sky.

It was as if someone had placed a gigantic piece of glass over it all and the steam and smoke and fog were all trapped just above the highest chimneys. Try as I did I just could not capture that eerie feel with with a telephoto lens.

I picked out the highest stacks and tried to find a vantage to frame a shot from but now I was way too close to do that original feeling any justice.

Oh well I might as well just press the shutter anyway and take home a little something from that night, the Torrens Island power station, South Australia’s biggest power point.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Power Point’, 1/40s f/2.8 ISO1000 70mm

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