Tattoo You Too

Two years ago I would never have imagined I’d be here in Edinburgh attending what is claimed to be ‘The greatest show on Earth’. A year ago I started entertaining the idea of visiting Scotland but the reason has nothing to do with liking military band performances.

Around two years ago two of my very best friends Kate and Gavin started learning to play the highland pipes. At that time the idea of playing at an international event could not have been further from their thoughts. Soon into their new found passion the chance to play in the 2017 Edinburgh Military Tattoo was presented as a possibility to the both of them if they were committed enough, worked hard enough and become good enough in time.

Fast forward to the end of August 2017 and here were are in the stands overlooking the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade where our friends Kate and Gavin and Elise are performing below. Who would have thought!

The music was exemplary, the setting grand and the weather perfect but being here has not converted me to the supposed delights of performing bands and international dance troupes. Still I would not have missed it for all the whisky in Scotland (hmmm well just maybe).

And yes Kate and Gavin and Elise are all there in sight if you just know where to look.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Tattoo You Too’, 1/60s f/5.0 ISO1600 70mm

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