Ugly Mutt

I partly decided on this title because it’s the first thing (yes I know, how unkind) that came to mind and I’m curious about why people love dogs so much. Especially the ugly ones.

Perhaps there’s a clue in a song written by Cat Stevens over 51 years ago, ‘I Love My Dog’. A quick YouTube search will reveal countless versions. Many versions are personal and heartfelt tributes to lost friends.

Those who are dog lovers will show a devotion to their canine companions to rival the very best of soulmates. Those who are not just don’t get it.

I photographed this guy with his owner snoozing on a bench outside of a cafe in Kinsale. I’m not sure if the dog wanted to say hello or scare me off. Either way I stand by my title.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Ugly Mutt’, 1/30s f/4.5 ISO100 200mm


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