Gazing Out To Sea

With another extraordinary year racing towards the finishing line there is nothing more calming to me than looking out across the ocean to the distant horizon. Gazing out to sea washes away cares and worry and brings back to mind things that really matter.

The next few days will be fun and crazy and a little sad as well with Christmas almost upon us and loved ones gone. Still I love this time of year the way it brings focus back to family and friends.

And then there is the ocean again like some forgotten lover that in one moment I remember with nostalgic fondness and the next I want to wholeheartedly embrace.

I miss being under the water and for any resolutions I might make for the coming year the ocean will be a big part of them.

Gazing out to sea is lovely but being beneath those waves again is where I long to be.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Gazing Out To Sea’, 20s f/11 ISO320 14mm

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