Man in Red

Funny how the man in red seems to have found his way in to every continent, culture and climate.

I have seen the man in red in driving a sleigh behind rain-dear above the arctic circle.
I have seen the man in red cruising the the beaches of Adelaide in a converted open top Ford Fairlane in forty degrees!
I have seen him at country fairs, city department stores, pageants and parades and workplace breakup days.

But until this day I can honestly say I’ve never been serenaded by the man in red and a piano accordion in the main street of Mallow, Ireland!

Well there will always for firsts for everything.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas with family, friends or random ‘men in red’ and a sensational 2018.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Man in Red’, 1/80s f/3.2 ISO320 50mm

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