Ben Bulben

Ben Bulben loomed, first small in the distance and now larger as we neared.

Grey clouds shrouded the landscape and rain fell like folded curtains across the mountain. Having only ever seen Ben Bulben from a distance it was time to get a little closer.

We drove up green shrouded country lanes, closer, higher. Then we got out of the car and walked.

Still not happy with our roadside fenced off vantage, over the fence I climbed and continued upwards into a landscape of boggy green tussocks of grass, mosses and wet squelchy ground.

When I had finally picked my way up to this spot a blanket of cloud covered the landscape in flat grey light. So there I waited. And waited. I waited some more. Then a rent in the clouds opened wide enough to let the sun come through and light up Ben Bulben and the surrounding landscape.

The sunshine only lasted a few minutes as I watched that searchlight of sunshine sweep across the scene and then into the north.

I am grateful it was just long enough to capture a few images of this iconic natural Sligo wonder.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Ben Bulben’, 1/30s f/7.1 ISO640 17mm

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