Aurora Borealis

The Auroras have been a mystery to me my entire life, something almost never seen from southern Australia and certainly not by me.

I had seen photographs, watched documentaries, even studied a little on how they are formed. Still they had remained to me in the world of myth. My visit to Norway changed everything.

My very first encounter was in the night sky of Tromsø. At first I thought I was looking at wisps of cloud in the sky as if lit by city lights below. Then I noticed that hallmark green glow.

The next night up in Skjervøy, 386 km above the arctic circle, the night sky simply took my breath away.

We watched those coloured veils of light dance across the entire sky from snow capped peaks to snow capped peaks while the calm waters of the fjords glowed green below.

The Auroras truly deserve there mythical place in our imagination and not for me they are real.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Aurora Borealis’,10s f/4 ISO3200 16mm

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