Eye of the Dragon

Eye of the Dragon

Looking up into the that vast green aurora emblazoned across the Norwegian night sky and how it spread from horizon to horizon you simply cant take it all in in at once. Unless you have the eyes of a fish that is!

Taken with a fish eye lens that has true 180 degree vision you can indeed capture it all at once. At first that unfamiliar circular image just does not make sense to our non-fish brains. It should be rectangular shouldn’t it?

Actually even with our own eyes we see the world in circles, just not 180 degrees of it at once. We have just gotten so used to our paintings, pictures, photographs, books, devices and screens being rectangular that we have almost forgotten what our eyes really see.

That night in Skjervoy we saw the eye of the dragon up there!

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Eye of the Dragon’, 10s f/4 8 ISO3200 8mm

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