Thank You For Making 2018 Extraordinary

I actually thought about not saying ‘Thank you’ in the title of this ‘best nine’ composite image for the year 2018 that was. It just seemed odd, or out of place. I am glad I kept it.

2018 has been a year of highs and lows from injury, and rehabilitation to opportunities to travel and experience some extraordinary places in our amazing world. Over many years photography has changed the way I value places and moments. It has opened my eyes to the joy of sharing. It has helped grow a sense of direction for the future and helped distill my goals for 2019 and beyond.

Looking back I realise how blessed I am for the awesome people in my life from which all this has come. I must thank my closest friends, the ones who encourage my crazy ideas, nag me when I start to get lazy, criticise my attitude when it needs it and make life between adventures fun.

Then there are my peers, mentors, peers, mentors… Those fellow photographers, many also my good friends, who are my inspiration, my competition and my motivation. Of these I am especial grateful for the long time friendship of Darren Jew who has inspired me for nearly ten years now to take on the extraordinary adventures like the Norwegian fjords to swim with and photograph the orca.

Finally thank you to my ever patient and always supportive family, our daughter Rebekah for putting up with yet another photo and to my wife Jennifer for simply letting me go out and do what I love.

Thank you all.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Thank You For Making 2018 Extraordinary’

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