When I first transited via Doha’s Hamad International Airport I was impressed by the large interactive bronze sculptures by American artist Tomm Otterness.

At the time I captured some wide angle images of the pieces in context but did not really give them the attention they deserved. I did however notice they seemed to covered by odd little bronze protrusion, like fresh buds on a tree.

On my second visit I decided to explore these little bumps and was delighted to discover tiny little bronze figurines in all sorts of strange places and predicaments. I was so enamoured with these little people I create as set of images I call ‘The Bronzies’.

In ‘Emergence’ I imagined a little bronzie living a life of darkness in a void beneath the ground knowing nothing of the world above until the day a hole appeared.
On climbing out, in a single moment, I feel this scene represent excitement, fear, welcome, relief and joy.

It is delightful, whimsical and simply beautiful. Thank you Tomm.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Emergence’ 1/20s f/3.2 ISO320 16mm

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