Time Out

I can just imaging this little girl all distraught, sad, angry, confused and furious at the injustice of the adults in her world giving her ‘time out’ for no good reason.
After all, she had simply asked why she had to follow the rules in a 1000 year old book. Rules that she suspected were not even in there.

Everybody knows that iPads are a modern invention so how could ‘the book’ have any rules about using them in the classroom!
After a while on her own, her iPad out of reach in her teacher’s drawer, her sadness drifted away and a smile returned to her face.

It actually was pretty good not having to check Facebook every 5 minutes after all.

… another quirky and hard to piece by Tomm Otterness, ‘Other Worlds’, Hamad International Airport

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Time Out’ 6s f/16 ISO800 16mm

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