Little Gems

One of the wonderful things I like about macro photography are those tiny little surprises you discover when you zoom in on your subject while editing.

What seemed at first to be a solitary nudibranch, in this image Ceratosoma brevicaudatum, turned out to have a few hidden gems, those little creature just too small to see while diving.

In this image there are three minute shrimp around 1mm in length cleaning the nudibranch’s skin while a minuscule amphipod of less than a half a millimeter in length hovers above.

Love those little gems.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Little Gems’, 1/60s f/18 ISO320 100mm

2 thoughts on “Little Gems

  1. Must be Monday, can’t zoom image to fullscreen. I believe they’re there but can’t really see em 😉

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