A Room with a View

Times are a little bit crazy.

There’s the quiet observers who watch what is going on, do what is required, keep to themselves and in doing so play their part in protecting both loved ones and strangers alike.

There’s the panic stricken, raiding city and country stores alike with complete impudence for goods in preparation of a zombie apocalypses. It’s easy to get mad at them but as I have no real understanding of what it must be like to live in fear of the end of the world I have to try and accept accept their fantasy.

And then there are the deniers, the ‘what’s all the fuss about people’. When they are family, friends or loved ones perhaps that is most distressing of all.

For now we will hunker down in a room to ourselves but make sure it is always a room with a view! Stay sensible and stay safe Adelaide city and beyond.

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