Low Flying Galahs

The Pink and Grey Cockatoo, or simply ‘Galah’, is probably Australia’s most ubiquitous and well known cockatoo. They are not particularly revered for their intelligence however and being called ‘a galah’ is never a flattering gesture.

We first set out on our hike, in South Australia’s ‘Deep Creek’ conservation park, with hands and arms free and everything in our backpack. After several missed photo opportunities I decided that the backpack was not the place to keep the camera!

I ended up carrying my camera for the next 4 hours as we hiked to the coast and back. Swapping the camera regularly from right hand to left to balance the burden did not make it any easier. It stayed heavy regardless but at least it as always ready.

I finally captured this pair launching themselves from the grass as we approached near the end of our long and tiring hike.

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