The Birthplace of BHP

I offer no apologies for an obviously tourist snapshot! The boldness of this outback town’s welcome sign is nothing short of ostentatious and I simply had to capture it (along with every other visitor to Silverton)!

This humble little town in the middle of the Australian outback is the birthplace of our largest and most powerful company outside of the banking industry. Even on the world stage, BHP ranks in the top 100 companies (depending on your criteria).

Despite its auspicious heritage, Silverton’s notoriety has very little to do with its mining giant offspring. It is the movie industry that brought the current Silverton into the public eye with Mel Gibson and ‘Mad Max II’, a.k.a. ‘The Road Warrior’ as the movie was renamed for international release. Since then Silverton has played host to many other Australian and international productions.

Silverton is a quirky place with fascinating local characters and perhaps is all the more interesting, not because of it being the birthplace of BHP but because of its moments in the show business limelight.

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