Tidal Creek

I often come here on the way home from my day occupation. Perhaps not so often in these short winter days when I seem to leave and return during the in-between light of twilight.

The little tidal creeks of Torrens Island in the last rays of sunset always make be feel like I have stepped into another world altogether.

The colours, rich and vibrant. The texture, almost tactile. The azure rivulets drawing attention to the rising tide which feeds them. The entire landscape, so natural and detached from the world I usually inhabit.

This little haven, Torrens Island, one of suburban Adelaide’s hidden treasures, is I place I can completely escape to, if only for a little while.

#abstract #aerial #barkerinlet #bog #landscape #life #mangroves #marshes #salt-marsh #sunset #torrensisland #goldenhour #creek

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