Of Lilies and Lady Beetles

I think Lady Beetles are my favourite of all the insects that inhabit my experience. For reasons I have never been about to fathom, every time a Lady Beetle flies into my world I smile and am happy.

For as long as I can remember I have been entertained and delighted by their clumsy antics. Often landing on and exploring the most absurd of things I have always been at the ready to rescue and repatriate them back out into the garden again at the slightest hist of distress.

Lilies too have a special place in my memory with their affinity for creeks and streams and their regal slenderness. Unlike the pretty flowers mum grew in her garden, these denizens of bracken fern spring watered gullies were mysterious, exotic and compelling to be near.

Here in a little Adelaide Hills creek where I was drawn by the lilies, I was delighted to capture two of my favourite things in the one moment.

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